Bacalar: Birthplace of the Skies

Bacalar is a magical site in Quintana Roo, 5 hours away from Cancún (ringing any bells yet?) It is one of the most peaceful sites in all of the Caribbean, plentiful with nature and history. In fact, Bacalar, in the mayan tongue, it’s called Siyan Ka’an- Bakjalal, “birth of the heavens- surrounded by reeds”.

Such a poetic name has a reason to exist, and in Mexcellence Travel we’d like to tell you more about it!

Here you will find the Lagoon of the Seven Colors, formed by 7 different cenotes (natural wells), each one of a particular color.

Nonetheless, the tranquility you may find at the shores of this lagoon is just the start of it!

Bacalar Magical town was a very important commercial town back in the Mayan times, and now its charm resides in little fishermen’s houses, stunning sunsents, and all the activities you can do to get in touch with nature. Swimming, diving, snorkel, even calming boat trips; and if you’re more daring, zip lines, kayak, and wakeboard are also available!

On the other hand, if it’s culture and food adventures you’re after, Bacalar does not disappoint. An assortment of delicious restaurants await, as well as buildings and sites where you’ll be able to track Mexico’s history.

Fort San Felipe is a building where Mexicans fought off pirates and fought the British; and also a stunning example of Spanish military architecture. Travelling further back, Bacalar is also the resting ground of dozens of Mayan archaeological sites, where you will be able to learn more of their fascinating culture.

Kohunlich, Dzibanché, Knichná, these are just some of the mayan constructions you can visit.

There are a lot of places to discover. Just by walking through downtown and visiting art galleries and charming restaurants is a wonderful experience.

By the way, Bacalar is 30-minute-ride away from Chetumal, the capital of Quintana Roo, where you can (and probably will) follow up the adventure.

If you’re more of an intellectual, don’t forget to visit the International House of the Writer, which has been operating since 1990 to bring a safe haven to writers all around the world, organizing cultural activities and housing artists in search of inspiration.

All in all, Bacalar is a little corner of the world where everyone can find something to enjoy, never forgetting the unique Mexican charm that comes with everything.

In Mexcellence Travel we’d like you to come join us in our trips throughout this wonderful country, where you will find –and experience- the true spirit of Mexico.