Go Beyond to Zacatecas

You’ve probably heard it before, but Mexico is more than its beautiful Caribbean beaches, more than the word taco and some musicians dressed as mariachis. Here at Mexcellence Travel, we have been meaning to write about Zacatecas, and we’ve finally garnered up the inspiration to do so.

Zacatecas is one of the 32 states that conform the Republic of Mexico, and it is seriously a colonial treasure, a jewel among jewels, which can offer eco touristic experiences, religious, cultural, musical, mezcal ones and even toros (bulls) experiences. We could spend hours talking about it, but here are our top 5 things to do and see while visiting Zacatecas:

  • Jerez is as magical as they say

57km away from the capital, Jerez stands as a magic town, where you can listen to wonderful music at the colonial Hinojosa Theatre, see artisans make wonderful silver and filigree jewelry, and smell the leather in belts, halts, bags and wallets, which confirms the artisanal history of Jerez. Want some candy? They got that too. Want to fly on hot air balloon? Yes. They got that too.

  • Wine, women…

Viñedo Campo Real is the most romantic vineyard in Zacatecas: it even features a museum of casks, where artists have reinterpreted wines and its silhouettes to create a new experience. Eat, drink and be merry at this spot: it seems straight out of paradise.

  • Sombrerete Stays Wonderful

Back in 1555, people looked at the hill nearby and thought it looked like their hats: hence the name. Birria, pozole, brujitas… here, the gourmet palate can certainly by fulfilled, but also there are the sights of nature and the pottery ceramics you can buy.

  • Pinos Paradise

Pinos has a mining past, but a present that features the countless chimneys of the town as pines in a forest. Its historical buildings –San Matías Church, Tlaxcalilla Temple- and the exciting taste of mezcal make this a must-go, as well as their charming handcrafts.

  • Zacatecas, my love

Its alleys and charming streets protect its history. Textile art such as huicholes bordados, paintings from Goitia, Ruelas and Felguérez, the mining tours, and the sights from the cableway make this a true magical city, with more restaurants and revolution era houses to visit. Its Cathedral is ouf this world as well- ¡Zacatecas has everything you never knew you needed!

To infinity and beyond, once was said. In Mexcellence Travel, we invite you to join us to discover Mexico’s marvels, hidden in its streets, museums, food and people. Discover Zacatecas with our help!