Tips for Travelling to Mexico like a Pro!

Doing previous research before travelling is an extended common sense, but in Mexcellence Travel we know Mexico is a land full of opportunity and of different customs, hence you ought to know several things before jumping on a plane and getting here.

Some may appear obvious, but other tips are rather curious. Let’s get started:

  • Don’t lose the immigration form you’re given

This little piece of paper is given to you the moment you enter the country, and you have to give it back to the authorities when you leave Mexico. Don’t lose it! If you do, you’ll have to do a whole process in order to get one again, which you’ll have to fill out again.

  • Travel with debit card, instead of a lot of cash

It is not only safer, but practical: as the exchange rates change daily, if you have a permanent stash of money in your card, you can take out wherever and whenever you need it, instead of having a permanent quantity.

  • Don’t trust the locals regarding spiciness

Nothing entertains a Mexican more than seeing a foreigner eat something they know it’s spicy as hell, and see him suffer in consequence. Know your limits, ask before tasting anything, and above all, if they tell you it’s “not that spicy” doubt it, good sir. Do doubt it.

  • Don’t drink tap water 

It’s probably safe and drinkable where you come from, but don’t do it here. It may be clean, but it’s not fit for drinking. Travel with water bottles or a thermo.

  • Tip between 8-10%

Tips are not mandatory, but you’ll come off as rude if you don’t tip- Check your ticket to see if it’s already included, and pay accordingly. If it was a really good service, 15% is deemed acceptable, but 20% is far too much.

  • Respect traffic signs even if you see they’re ignored

We can’t deny Mexicans don’t have the best manners regarding street rules. If you see them speeding past red lights or crossing where there are no crosswalks, please don’t follow.

  • Only eat at crowded street food places

They’re at every corner, every road, and every building exit. And most are delicious, but only eat in those that have a serious long line of people waiting. It’s the best sign the food is good and you won’t get sick.

  • Travel in public transportation but research before!

Nothing screams more “rob me” than standing, lost, in the middle of a subway station, or unfolding a map while on a bus. Keep your belongings safe, and research where you’re going and your route before leaving your hotel room!

All in all, the best tip is this one: enjoy very second of your stay. Don’t believe everything you see in the news, try to learn a couple words, walk, enjoy the sunshine, and breathe in for a second while you hear the musical sound of Spanish around you.

And above all, dare to go beyond with Mexcellence Travel! There is much to discover besides beautiful beaches and luxury hotels, a whole new world of traditions and color. Bet on us for the trip of your life