Mexican Gastronomy: A Whole New World

Mexican food has been on UNESCO’S Intangible Cultural World Heritage since 2010, as it comprises a long list of rituals, ancient knowledge, culinary techniques and customs.

Before the Spanish conquest, the prehispanic diet was based on dishes elaborated by corn, chile, nopal, tomatoes, several birds, herbs, as well as insects and fruits. That’s something that hasn’t changed much.

Whew, where to begin? In Mexcellence Travel, we know that a text which comprises thorough food analysis would be several volumes and hundred pages long, thus we’re going to speak about the wonderful thing that is Mexican gastronomy in a rather general way. Are there any basic flavors or dishes you should taste? About 100. But let’s reduce that.

  • Chocolate

Fabricated from cocoa grains that were originally found in Mexico, the indigenous people called it xocolatl and drank it cold and rather bitter, but nowadays is as sweet as it is dense and wonderful.

  • Chiles en Nogada

This chile is stuffed with pounded meat, cooked with nuts, decorated with pomegranate seeds… simply mouthwatering.

  • Mole

It was called mulli, and it was used as an offer to the gods: that’s how delicious it its. There are about 50 types of mole, combining ingredients such as chocolate, sesame seeds, chile; it varies on the region.

  • Chilaquiles

Tortilla + sauce + cheese + cream= Chilaquiles. Plus the occasional chicken or meat to accompany it, it tastes… this we can’t describe. You have to taste it!

  • Tamales

From náhuatl: tamalli means wrapped. This dough/mass based dish can have inside some prepared chicken, pork or even sweet marmalade or cream cheese. It is then wrapped in banana leaves or corn ones, the limit is imagination.

  • Nieves

This water-based ice creams redefine the limits of flavor. Pumpkin? Got it. Cempasúchil? Sure. Soursop, burnt milk, horchata, mezcal, tequila, coffee, tamarindo, vanilla and cinnamon, cheese, mango and chile…? There is a lot of ground to cover.

  • Tacos

Please, don’t think of Tex-Mex. Traditional tacos are prepared with a soft, smooth tortilla that does not stand up on its own; filled with delicious contents as pork, chicken, different meats, ad accompanied by salsa, lemon drops, onion, coriander, and from time to time, pineapple.

  • Mixiote

Meat with chile inside of a “bag” made by maguey’s protective almost transparent layer, steamed. It is like opening a gift, which makes you happy every time you taste it.

  • Chapulines, Escamoles

This tiny grasshoppers cooked with lemon and herbs, and the eggs of ants then fried on butter, seem strange to outsiders. Well, Mexicans are big fans of cooking insects, and they sure know how to do it. But come on, we double-dare you to try them!

And that is the word we always use at Mexcellence Travel! Dare to taste more, travel more, see more than what is designated for tourists. We can take to experience the true heart and flavors of Mexico- just let us be your guide.

Dare to go beyond.