7 Wonderful Spots to Visit on Mexico’s Spring

With the renewal of the colors of the world, comes spring and all the possibilities of enjoying it with the people that matter the most to you. In Mexcellence Travel we decided to assort a brief list of cities and magic towns to visit during Holy Week, in the hope you discover a Mexico you’ve never seen before. Let’s dig in!

  1. Valladolid

Yes, there’s a city in Spain called just like that, but we’re talking about one of Yucatan’s magic towns! This place amazes tourists all year long with their beautiful colonial buildings, its artisans and their handcrafts, as well as the cenotes and the Mayan traditional embroideries.

  1. Mazunte

Oaxaca is a recollection of magic towns and amazing flavors. This coastal town will enchant you with a rustic vibe of seeing the fishermen in their boats. Mazunte is surrounded by a humid jungle and mangrove swamps, and there you’ll be able to witness the arrival of the Gulf Turtles.

  1. Papantla

Vanilla, birdsong, music and the iconic dance of the Voladores de Papantla, this magic town is a must-go! Besides, during the spring equinox, there’s a festival called Cumbre Tajín, where you can find music, art, dance and all the traditions of Veracruz!

  1. Xicotepec

Hidden among the hills of Puebla, you can find this town! Avocado trees, warm climate, the smell of coffee beans swirling in the air… In its fair, you simply must taste its antojitos, buy a couple of handcrafts or witness a spectacle. The ceremonial Centre Xochipila is also there, a place where the goddess of flowers Xochipilli, was once revered.

  1. Lagos de Moreno

Oh, Jalisco! Another of its wonders is this town, which you can enjoy in its better weather right now. Wonderful architecture, the rustling of trees, and cultural visits to the Ex-Convent of las Capuchinas and the Templo del Calvario will make you experience new wonders!

  1. Tecate

Receive spring in the midst of song and traditional dance rituals! The Dance to Mother Earth is very popular here among travelers, along with the ceremonies to purge mind and body of bad sentiments and renew energies with respect. Experience something spiritual here in Baja California!

  1. Mexico City

It is said that cherry blossoms are to Japan what jacarandas are to Mexico City. Watch as the spring breeze caresses these trees, which bright lilac flowers fall cascading unto the streets and rooftops. Reforma Avenue looks quite stunning at spring- come visit the capital!

Come away with Mexcellence Travel and discover the most beautiful sights of Mexico There’s always a chance to uncover more secrets!