The Experience of the Baja California’s Whale Arrival

Whale sight-seeing season is on. This spectacular event takes place in Los Cabos, from December throughout April. However, the recommended months to see these cetaceans is between January and March, so here in Mexcellence Travel we decided to talk about it while you still have the chance to do this amazing trip!

This city in Baja California receives in its peninsula the procession of hundreds of Hunchback Whales migrating from the North, from distant places such as Bering or Alaska. Since the seas begin to freeze, they travel south almost 20 thousand kilometers following their instinct, in order to spend the spring in the warm waters of Mexico.

There, they swim in peace and mate, until they have to swim up north, following the natural cycle. A whale can span up to 15 meters long, and its weight can go up to 60 tons of awesomeness!

If you want, there are several tours guided by experts that tell you about their migration and characteristics of their species while you watch, in awe, their tails emerge and splash water, while they swim and sing beneath the waves. There are several rules you should follow for your own protection, but it is a show apt for kids and adults alike.

This whale species is quite docile, so don’t be scared of their size! They are quite friendly yet curious, and they feed on plankton, algae and small animals. Also, they can live up to 60 years, so if you go year after year, you can start recognizing some of their kind!

They are particularly famous due to their jumping and sudden leaps from the water, so it is not safe to approach them too much; but still, you will be able to snap a lot of amazing photographs of this wonder of nature.

In other countries, these whales are hunted for their goods, but in Mexico this species is highly protected, and the tourism that springs from their transit has raised a lot of conscience among the Mexican people.

The waters on this coasts are not warm, to humans at least. They are quite different from the Caribbean beaches most foreigners usually associate with Mexico, but it is nonetheless a jaw-dropping sight that thousands of people experience each year, all supervised by the authorities that provide sanctuary for the whales.

If you want to experience the true Mexico- its heart, its deep secrets and amazing sights such as this, then let Mexcellence Travel take you away! Find more about our travel variety, and dare to go beyond!